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Belle Vue Motorcycle Service – MOT

Belle Vue Motors is a fully authorised DVSA (formerly VOSA) MOT test centre.

We can test all makes of bikes (class 1 and 2 motorcycles) at our Honda dealership.

Don’t forget, we are open 6 days a week. (Monday through to Saturday)

MOT Preparation

Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road is required to keep it in a roadworthy condition. This is checked in the interest of road safety and the environment by the test we call the MOT. The first test is required once the motorcycle is three years old and every year thereafter.

The MOT looks at some important items on your motorcycle to see that it meets key legal requirements when it is tested. You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle.

Below you will find a detailed description of what is involved in the UK MOT test for motorcycles.

Having a good knowledge of the MOT test procedures will help you prepare your motorcycle for its MOT test.

Motorcycle MOT Test items and descriptions:


a) Sitting on machine check:

  1. All controls, switches and horn
  2. Front suspension, forks, handlebars and head bearings
e) Raise the rear wheel and check:

  1. Rear wheel, rear brake/components and tyre condition
  2. Rear suspension and final drive
b) At the front of the machine check:

  1. Front lights and indicators
  2. Front brake master cylinder (if fitted)
f) At the rear check

  1. Rear position lamp(s)/stop lamp(s)/reflectors and indicators
  2. Rear suspension
  3. Registration Plate
c) Place the machine on its stand and raise front wheel check:

  1. Steering, front forks and head bearings
  2. Front brake and wheel bearings
  3. Wheel and tyre condition
g) On the left of the machine check:

  1. Frame and foot rest
  2. Exhaust system
  3. Final drive (if fitted to LHS of machine)
  4. Rear wheel, tyre and brake
d) Lower front wheel and go to right side of vehicle and check:

  1. Frame, VIN, seat and foot rest
  2. Exhaust system
  3. Final drive (if fitted to RHS of machine)
  4. Rear wheel, tyre and brake
h) At the front of the machine check:

  1. Wheel alignment
  2. Headlamp aim
  3. Brake performance


If a sidecar is fitted it will also be examined in a manner specified by DVSA with respect to Security, Suspension, Wheel Bearings and Wheel Alignment.

Common reasons for MOT failure

Horn not working, lights not working, number plate reflector not fitted, noisy exhaust (race can fitted), tyres and brake pads excessively worn.

Most of these failures can be prevented by carrying out some basic checks of your machine before you bring it to test.

Don’t forget, we are open 5 days a week. (Tuesday through to Saturday)

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